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Microsoft Interview Experience

A few days back Microsoft visited our campus, this had generated quite the buzz for it is not everyday that you have a giant like MS visiting the campus. They had a team of two people who had come for the presentation one of them was Keith Auer and the other one was an HR from MS-IT. The ppt was same as usual with them telling us why MS is such a great place to work and about the products that they have etc etc, you know the drill. There were two profiles that Microsoft opened for MS-IDC and MS-IT, the packages were 16Lacs p.a. and 10Lacs p.a. respectively. Continue reading Microsoft Interview Experience

Accessing github in NITT

In my opinion github is the best way to share code on the internet but it was not possible to use it in NITT because of the geniuses that are our network administrators and their love for the beast that is sonicwall. This is bizarre when you think that most of the students of this prestigious engineering college would work with code on a regular basis, the only thing more bizarre would the count of students who don’t know about source code management at all.

This is now no more of an issue as github has come up with smart HTTP support. Now not only can all of us who are behind sonicwall can use it but anyone behind any firewall can, the other good part is that the transportation algorithm has been optimized so it uses lesser bandwidth. Do drop in a line if your institute also has a crazy firewall that blocks legitimate things.