Using the Windows 7/8 bootloader to dual boot linux

In the past whenever I had to install linux along with windows I would install grub and it works flawlessly most of the time. Sometimes however when you’re experimenting with something unusual, it is handy to know how to load linux using the windows bootloader. I used it when I was transferring my ubuntu installation from my laptop to my netbook.
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gprs and wvdial over bluetooth

I must say that the network manager handles ppp connections rather poorly, sometimes they work but most of the times they don’t. The situation is worse still with mobile phones, I have a nokia series 40 mobile phone and when my mts subscription expires, I need to use it for a couple of days. I’ll walk you through the steps that allowed me to connect to the internet using my tata docomo gprs connection over bluetooth.

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Kde4 map windows key to kickoff launcher

KDE’s equivalent to the windows start menu is the kickoff launcher, being a windows user for a long time before I moved to linux some habits just don’t go away. I tried to change the shortcut key associated to kickoff but as it turns out, KDE treats the Win Key as a meta key. That basically means that just like the Shift, Control and the Alt keys it too has no meaning on its own and must be paired with another key to perform some useful function.

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Microsoft Interview Experience

A few days back Microsoft visited our campus, this had generated quite the buzz for it is not everyday that you have a giant like MS visiting the campus. They had a team of two people who had come for the presentation one of them was Keith Auer and the other one was an HR from MS-IT. The ppt was same as usual with them telling us why MS is such a great place to work and about the products that they have etc etc, you know the drill. There were two profiles that Microsoft opened for MS-IDC and MS-IT, the packages were 16Lacs p.a. and 10Lacs p.a. respectively. Continue reading Microsoft Interview Experience

Fixing the keyboard on a hackintosh

I installed iAtkos L2 on my Acer 5742G laptop and it works really well, there was one thing that has been bugging me. I couldn’t press ~ on the keyboard and using the terminal was painful when it came to specifying paths relative to my home directory.

After some looking around I found this application KeyRemap4MacBook. As the name suggests it allows us to remap keys on the keyboard and assign them different functions. The problem I had was that I got § instead of the usual backquote(`). Here’s the relevant xml snippet that performs the desired conversion

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<name>Fix Tilde</name>
<autogen>--KeyToKey-- KeyCode::UK_SECTION, KeyCode::BACKQUOTE</autogen>


The best part about this is that it’s an open source project. I didn’t know about the keycodes and had problem finding the ones that I needed, so I asked by opening an issue on github and the author took the time out to help me. I absolutely love the open source community. Hopefully this will help someone else who had a similar issue. This application can also be useful for those who have keyboards with multimedia keys that don’t work out of the box for hackintoshes.

Changing your DNS for MTS Mblaze

For the last few days, the news of Monday being the internet doomsday have been doing the rounds. But there are trivial fixes that can help you avoid meeting with that fate if your system is infected. You can change your DNS servers and you’re good to go, to put it simply DNS is the mechanism that translates the ip addresses that the computer understands from the human readable domain names.
Now the real reason that I wanted to change my DNS servers is because of the problems that I encounter with MTS’s servers, many times you can access most of the websites but inexplicably a few just wouldn’t open up at other times,  it’d show that I’m connected to the internet but no websites would open. So here is how you can use google’s public DNS with MTS.


The picture is worth a thousand words, after making the changes be sure to save your settings.

If you don’t like google for some reason or the other, then there are also other providers that you can use. All of you should check to see if your computer is infected with the DNS Changer virus, it should be noted that it affects only Windows and Mac OS so if you’re on linux like you should be then you’re good to go.

Introducing Chagol!

Having learnt how easy it was to develop ruby gems, I thought of putting my newly learned skills to the test and the result is chagol. Any work of software starts by scratching a developer’s personal itch and chagol does that for me. Before I tell you how to get hold of chagol, let me tell you why I’ve started developing it. As a student most of my communication is through text messages and quite often when I’m working on something I get a message that I have to respond to. I typically reply back using the phone or use a service like way2sms to do the same both of these take more time than that ought be taken. I’m a command line junkie so a command line tool with a simple interface would be ideal for me and since none existed I thought I’d write one myself. Continue reading Introducing Chagol!

Churning out ruby gems

If you didn’t already know then let me tell you that I’m a huge fan of the ruby programming language. I have dabbed with a few imperative languages and none can come close to ruby, it’s syntax is like sugar and libraries like alcohol. You get addicted to them once you start. I use gems (that’s the fancy name for ruby libraries) from time to time. They can be used in both programs that you write and some also provide a standalone binary. But that is hardly the fascinating part, what is fascinating is that how easy it is to create them. I just created one and will mention the steps briefly so that you are also inspired to try your hand at it. Continue reading Churning out ruby gems

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